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sugi - cedar (tree)  to - door      machi - town

Sugito literally means: a door of the cedars

Sugito.gifSugito town is located in the north eastern corner of Saitama Prefecture, about 40 minutes north of Tokyo by train. National Route 4 and National Route 4 Bypass pass through Sugito as well as the Toubu-Nikko railway line

The town railway station is at Sugito-Takanodai, the new residential area. Less than 100 metres from the centre of town, in the neighbouring town of Miyashiro is the to Tobo-Doubutsu-Koen (meaning Tobu Zoo Park) station. Due to its convenience for commuters and school children, Sugito has become a Bed Town of Tokyo.

Sugito is on the outskirts of the developed area extending from Tokyo and as such is a mixture of rural and urban lifestyles.

The town covers an area of 30 Sq. Km and has a population of approx. 46000 (2015). The population density is 1,543 /Sq Km.

sugito.jpgThe overall shape of Sugito resembles the outline of an eagle in flight, so this has been taken as the town emblem.

The eye of the eagle is an ancient, precious stone that is also the symbol of Saitama Prefecture. Beneath the birds right wing is the town's tree- a cedar.



               The floral emblem is the Chrysanthemum


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