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Annual School Exchange

Open to all year 9 students from the five secondary schools in Busselton, the exchange offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for up to 15 students to experience a completely different culture, see amazing places and make new friends.

The exchange involves families hosting a student from Sugito for approx. 10 days in August and, in turn Busselton students are hosted by the same family in Sugito during the September/October school holidays. Students accompany their host to school for a few days and get to participate in cultural experiences and outings in their host city. A highlight of the trip to Sugito has always been the day spent at Tokyo Disneyland.

Now in it's 22nd year, this unique opportunity is one that has been greatly appreciated by many Busselton students and their families over the years.  Whilst student's don't need to speak Japanese, they must be willing to embark on an exciting adventure, possibly out of their comfort zone, and be aware of what is expected of them as ambassadors for their family, school and City of Busselton.

Each year, in both Sugito and Busselton, host parents feel excited, but often apprehensive, about accepting a child a different culture into their family - mainly worrying about what to feed them and how they will communicate.  Following each years exchange activities, their overwhelming response has been one of gratitude for being part of a wonderful and enriching cultural experience for their whole family.

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