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Answers to the library worksheet are: 

Summer - Natsu     Autumn - Aki     Winter - Fuyu     Spring - Haru

Busselton Sugito Friendship Garden

Located next to the Busselton Library, the Busselton Sugito Friendship Garden was first planted in 1998 by a group of five gardeners from Sugito and volunteers from Busselton. Much of the materials and equipment was donated by local people and some special features, such as stone lanterns were sent from Sugito.

The current garden is quite different to the one that was designed and planted as Sugito’s gift to Busselton.  Some of the original plants didn’t survive in our climate and some other changes were made along the way but the original intent, of friendship between Sugito and the City of Busselton, remains.

More information on the history of the garden can be found on the interpretive on the wall of the Busselton Library adjacent to the Friendship Garden.

Establishing the original Friendship Garden

The present garden.

Plants in the present garden.

Please click on the plant for a larger picture and its' name.

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