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Information about Busselton

Busselton is approximately 220km south of Perth, a comfortable 2.5 hour drive,map1.gif and as such has become one of the most popular holiday destinations outside of the metropolitan area. It is often considered the gateway for the many attractions and towns of the South West of WA.

The City covers 1454 square kilometres and has a wide variety of attractions from the warm waters of Geographe Bay, inland to the unspoilt bushland, caves, wildflowers and vineyards. Fishing is popular with locals and tourists alike and a relatively new industry is wale watching during the season (September - December) when Humpback and Blue whales can be seen migrating back to colder Antarctic waters.

The Busselton region is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia and now has a population of about 32000 people (2011.)  The area enjoys moderate weather conditions - the average maximum temperature is 22.1 degrees C and  minimum of 11.1 degrees C.  The hottest months are December to March when temperatures can reach the high 30s and drops to about 8 degrees in the coldest months July-September.  The average rainfall is 864 mm with the wettest months being May - October.

CoB_Logo.jpgThe City of Busselton logo is a representation of Geographe Bay showing how large the region is. Blue represents the Bay, green the land and they are separated by a long, white stroke representing the long stretches of white sand. The white slash across the bay represents the Busselton Jetty - a very famous landmark of Busselton.

 The floral emblem of the  city is        big_20and_20little_20ringtail.jpgCalothamnus Calothamnus_graniticusHC1_400x300.jpggraniticus var graniticus, commonly know as the one sided bottlebrush. It has a lovely red claw like flower and is only found in the Busselton area.

The fauna emblem is the Western Ringtail Possum, Pseudocheirus occidentalis, a small marsupial, native to the southwest region of Western Australia.

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