2018 Student Exchange

This years very successful exchange was lead by Saint Mary MacKillop College teacher Kathy Jackson with Eric Truong as Assistant Leader.  Kathy has extensive experience leading school groups on various camps, locally, nationally and internationally and we were lucky to have her involved in the exchange for the third year. Eric has lived in Sugito for 5 years as an Assistant Language Teacher and has been involved in the exchange from a Japanese viewpoint - he is now back in Perth completing his teaching degree.

During the exchange a closed facebook group is set up to exchange information and photos -  here are some comments from parents that appeared after the Busselton students returned from Sugito.

Natasha Jooste (2018)

“Best experience of my life” is what is being said at our home @Pauline Vukelic, thank you for making it possible, I see a family trip to Japan coming up in the future

 Amie Meyer (2018)

 (Tom is) Absolutely buzzing, haven’t seen so much enthusiasm this side of a PS4 for a long time! Lots of new friends and Line contacts. We are planning a family visit in 2020. Thanks so much for an amazing opportunity!

Tandra Atkinson (2018)

Toby loved his exchange. His family was very kind and made him feel very welcome. He loved the food! Tobs enjoyed school and appreciates that his school day isn’t that bad. He also discovered that he sucks playing Japanese traditional instruments!he Wasn’t overly enthusiastic about having to stand in queues, something that doesn’t happen much in Busso. Finally, Toby enjoyed everyone’s company and was thankful for new friends to travel with!

Leicha Fuller (2018)

Olivia loved everything. she loved making new friends at the school and she couldn’t believe how welcoming the students at school were. she discovered she likes her personal space when catching the trains. she said didn’t realise how green it was going to be. i think i’m going to have to think about serving rice for breakfast! she also was surprised how close all of the kids that went over got and enjoyed that bonding experience. thank you - was a wonderful whole family experience

Busselton and Sugito Exchange students (and siblings) at Busselton Skatepark after the Farewell Party.


Exchange activities

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