2010 Student Exchange

On Sunday September 26, 15 year 9 students from each of the 5 Secondary schools in Busselton embarked on the annual exchange trip to Sugito, Japan. For many students this was their first time overseas and to prepare them for the tour they had attended monthly meetings since April to become familiar with Japanese food, language, culture and customs.

The students were accompanied by Erin Parry form Cape Naturalist College and Adam Smith from Busselton Senior High School.The students were welcomed to Sugito by the mayor, deputy mayor, members of the Sugito Board of Education and their host families.

Over the next 13 days the Busselton Students attended local middle schools and primary schools with their host students. They participated in after school activities such as band and sports clubs, including volleyball and judo.

The students also got to spend time in Tokyo, visiting famous areas such as Harajuku and Asukusa.Other days were spent at Tokyo Disneyland, China Town and Yokohama. Tour leader Erin Parry said "the highlight of the trip was seeing the bond that develops between the students and their host families. Our departure was quite emotional and may students have already begun planning return visits to Japan in the near future"

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