2010 Cultural Exchange

A group of 12 arrived in Busselton on Nov 4th and although this visit was only 8 days our visitors enjoyed a wide variety of actvities, including teaching school students, visiting the library, Busselton Water Board, Cape Naturalist Lighthouse, Ngilgi Cave, walking the nature trail and billy tea at Ambergate Reserve amongst other things. The group also visited Busselton Fire Station where they saw 'Sugito', a small fire engine donated by Sugito Town to Busselton in 1998.

One day was spent at Premier Coal in Collie -a unique and memorable experience for them all. For many of the visitors the highlight though, was a walk along the Busselton Jetty and visit to the Underwater Observatory. Although the jetty was still undergoing repairs special arrangements were made for the Sister City Group and everyone enjoyed a brisk walk on a windy Busselton afternoon.

There were also a number of social activities for the visitors and hosts and it was a very emotional farewell on Friday 12th, when the group left Busselton and went to Perth via the Dolphin Discovery Centre. After a final visit to Kings Park to see the city lights they boarded their plane exhausted and with somewhat overweight luggage.

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